Advocates / Défenseurs

This section provides links to Canadian civil society organizations that are mobilizing for municipal sanctuary and for other policies for non-status populations.


Cette section présente des acteurs associatifs canadiens qui se mobilisent pour la mise en place de politiques sanctuaires et de politiques pour les personnes sans statut.



Photo by Tanner Vines 

Christie Refugee Welcome Centre.

Edmonton Mennonite Centre For Newcomers.

Fair Immigration Reform Movement.

FCJ Refugee Centre.

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic.

Immigration Partnership Winnipeg.

Matthew House Toronto.

Migrante Alberta.

Nail, Thomas, et al. “Building Sanctuary City: NOII-Toronto on Non-Status Migrant Justice Organizing.” Upping the Anti, Nov. 2010.

No One Is Illegal.

Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

Romero House – Walking with Refugees.

Sanctuary City Vancouver.

Sojourn House.

Solidarité sans frontières – Solidarity Across Borders – Solidaridad sin fronteras.

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